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Department of medicine Solna/Clinical epidemiology division, Centre for Pharmacoepidemiology (CPE), Karolinska Institutet

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CPE is lead by acting director Caroline Öberg. CPE's steering group includes representatives from academia,government agencies,regulatory authorities,pharmaceutical industry and Stockholm's county council. CPE strives to meet the demands from both national and international stakeholders in society and industry concerning data on drug safety,drug utilization,rational drug use and pharmacogenetics. Sweden has a unique opportunity to meet these demands by using national healthcare databases,bio banks,as well as having high levels of expertise in the fields of epidemiologically,pharmacology and other areas. CPE is mainly focusing on drug safety evaluation using data from the Swedish national registers. We have identified five research areas where we in particular can provide expert competence: •Chronic diseases and biologics •CNS and drugs •Drugs during pregnancy and infancy •Cardiovascular diseases and drugs •Cancer and drugs
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