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Bordeaux PharmacoEpi, University of Bordeaux

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Bordeaux PharmacoEpi is a research platform of University of Bordeaux created in 2002,relies on a permanent team of nearly 30 people. The BPE carries out studies evaluating the impact of drugs in real-world conditions. These research activities,conducted at the national or international level,can take the form of field studies,studies on preexisting databases (French national healthcare claims database,SNDS) and finally enriched studies linking field data to SNDS data. The BPE has conducted nearly a hundred studies using different methodological designs (cross-sectional,cohort,case-control studies,self-controlled designs...) in multiple therapeutic areas. Studies include safety,effectiveness,drug utilization,economics... mostly in the context of PASS or PAES,concerning medication,devices or Other health interventions. The BPE is involved in numerous collaborations with international institutions,research consortia and organize the yearly Bordeaux PharmacoEpi festival.
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